Monday, January 14, 2008

Site Meter - 1,000 visitors

I just saw that Site Meter shows that I've had my 1,000 visitor. I take this as a milestone in my blogging life. I have been watching the number grow over the weeks from the time I added this to my blog. The 1,000th visitor was from Essex, England. It is interesting to see who has come to the sight and why they cheked the sight. My biggest draws are fishing, country music and my dog.

It is fun to see what peope are trying to find on your sight. You can add Site Meter to you sight and follow the people who visit you.


jedijawa said...

I like seeing how people get to my blog looking at the "references" or "search words" tabs. I also like seeing my average per day go up and down (more so up ... not so much down).

Good job!

Mr. Chinchilla said...

That rocks, Fishing Guy!

fishing guy said...

Thanks Jedi and Mr. C, blogging can be a fun exercise.