Monday, January 7, 2008

Willie Nelson 'Super Hits'

I was walking through Wal-Mart and looking at Cd's and saw a Willie CD called 'Super Hits'. It was on sale for $5 and had my favorite Willie and Waylon duet 'Pancho & Lefty' as one of the tracks. This ranks way up there in my favorite songs of all time close behind 'Desperado' by the Eagles. I brought it home and have really enjoy the CD.

Another of the songs I enjoy is 'Always on My Mind'. It's a classic and tells the story of not always saying what you really feel.

Who among us doesn't remember Willie's big hit 'On the Road Again'. It certainly is the story of Willies life as he travels around the country entertaining.

There is also the Ray Charles hit 'Georgia on My Mind'. I found a video with Ray playing for Willie.

When they titled it Super Hits they weren't lying. It's a great bunch of Willie hits that show his singing ability. There are 10 great hits in all at a great price.

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