Monday, January 21, 2008

Some Other 2003 Catches

Fishing Lake Hodgson on 6/28/03, the day before I caught Fish Ohio Walleye, I had a nice catch of some nice Crappie and a Rainbow Trout. You can see the size of the crappies are in the 11" to 12" range. This is a nice size for crappies so I took them into the lodge to get a picture. I would fish the aerator in the early morning and many people wouldn't even come onto the lake until they were done biting.

There was an unusual day on the lake when I caught 8 Trout. There were 7 Rainbow Trout and one Golden (Rainbow) or Palomino Trout. They stock about 6 of these Trout every year so catching one is a special treat. You can see the golden color of the Trout in the picture.
The lake does what I call a (put and take) stocking of Rainbow Trout every year. The first day of the season is April 1st and a lot of fisherman go out to catch the Trout. I skip that crowded first day but some trout do escape the first couple of week. The people actually line there car in position the day before the opening of the season. When the Trout start to feed on real bait, instead of corn and cheese, I will catch some. This was another unusual day by catching 8 Trout this late in the season. It was on 7/13/03 which makes the day really unusual. Most of the Trout are gone by that time. The hatchery fish aren't as smart as the ones that are raised in the lake.

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