Friday, January 4, 2008

Added an Artist to my Blog Roll

I added a new artist to my artist list. Her name is Jo Castillo from Texas. I was impressed with the nice job she did on the Water Canyon painting. She had posted on Rick Lee's sight and I followed the link.

She adds a nice South West flavor to her paintings. Check out the Thanksgiving post. I like the way she showed how her painting had developed and changed as she painted the mountains.

I enjoyed her work and I hope you do also.


Anonymous said...

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Shark Girl said...

Nice art work. I'm going to add it to my site too, when I get time to work on it again.

fishing guy said...

Don't go to the Barb michelen sight. It's just an ad trying to get you to buy a program.

Jo Castillo said...

Hi fishing guy,

Thanks for the link. I appreciate your kind comments.