Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weather Takes a Crazier Turn

The warm southern air is moving in today. The weatherman now says we should reach the mid 50's. It is already in the 40's with rain. This is melting the snow off the driveway and yard.

I don't ever remember reaching these temperatures at the end of January. But this is North East Ohio and tomorrow it is not supposed to get above freezing. I wrote about being on a roller coaster yesterday and it has reached the top of the hill and we are going to be headed down the other side.

Can you believe I blew 4" of snow off the driveway on Saturday. Now it's Tuesday and it looks like all the snow will melt away again. Our water supply is being replenished and this should fill up all the reservoirs. We have had our share of snow this year but it hasn't stayed for more then 2 weeks at a time.

Who knows what next week will bring!!!!

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