Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DVD "Everyone's Hero"

Here is a swell DVD for the kids and the kid in you. I do see a lot of children movies because of the grandchildren. If they don't have anyone to take them to a movie they just say to their Mother "Papa will take us to see it." I enjoy the trip to the movies. If we miss a kids movie there is always DVD. What a great invention.

"Everyone's Hero" is the last work of Christopher Reeves (Superman). He did this shortly before he passed away. It is a fun story about a boy trying to undo a wrong that was done. The fun part of the movie is a talking baseball and the talking bat that was stolen from Babe Ruth.

The bat was stolen and the little boy tries to get the bat back to Babe so the Yankees can win the 1932 World Series against the Cubs. The ending is predictable but it a great movie for the kids. Reeves can be proud of this final work of his life.

The extras on the making of the movie are something you should surely watch. Being a paraplegic didn't stop Superman.

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