Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Story from the Bahamas

I would like to share another unrelated true story about the Bahamas. I had In-laws who lived on the West Shore of Florida. They had a 24 foot ocean going boat that they used purely for recreational boating. I would have done a lot of fishing if I lived down there and had that boat. The boat was stolen from their dock during one night. It was insured so they would have it replaced if they chose.

A few weeks later they made a trip to Freeport, Grand Bahamas with some friends in the friends boat. They were enjoying their time in the Bahamas and when they came back to the dock one day they saw their stolen boat from Florida at a dock near them. I think I would have gone to the Bahamian Police but they choose another way to get their boat back. They checked and no one was aboard the boat so they stole the boat back. The key had been disabled so they were easily able to start the boat. They took it back to Florida and a short time later sold the boat.

What are the chances you would be in the right place at the right time to find your boat. The odds on that happening must be astronomical. I bet the people that stole the boat in the first place were in shock. How do you report that your boat that you had stolen had been stolen from your dock.


Carletta said...

Good for them! You're right, what were the odds!

Jo Castillo said...

Amazing. Good thinking on their part. I love it.

fishing guy said...

I really enjoyed the story when they told me and wanted to share.

Shark Girl said...

Too funny! There are stupid criminals out there that would have probably reported it, and told the cops... "it's my boat, I stole it first!"