Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fisherman's Oath

I found this 20 or so years ago and have saved it all this time. I guess it was saved for today. I don't know who wrote it and couldn't find out through the Internet who it was. So I share it as anonymous.

Fisherman's Oath

I am a fisherman for life.
I will always be a fisherman.
It's not something I do,
it is who I am.

Fishing is not an escape.
It is where I belong,
where I'm supposed to be.
It is not a place,
but a lifelong journey.

It is a passage my father showed me,
and I will show others.
When you understand all of this,
you will know me,
and we will fish together.

My Father, The Original Fishing Guy, past the love of fishing on to me and I am passing on to my Grand Sons. My passion is becoming their love also.


Carletta said...

Hi Fishing Guy. I'm back!
I liked the oath. I think I mentioned to you earlier that my Grandpa was a fisherman and I certainly know the words fit him. It's nice you can give the experience to your Grandsons.

fishing guy said...

Carletta: That does make it special fishing with your grandsons. I have had fishing friends but mostly fish alone on the boat.

Shark Girl said...

This reminds me of the Little Prince and the fox. It's like a "rite". You learn the rite and you will gain a friend.