Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Original Fishing Guy

Dad was the one who shared his love of fishing with me. He was a great fisherman. He passed away in December two years ago at the age of 84. He fished almost the whole summer his last year as he was fighting cancer. The doctors never did figure out how to treat the cancer and chemotherapy didn't do much. I think Hospice did a great job for him and they were there until the end.

I had a hard time finding a present he liked. He had all he wanted and in his later years. He enjoyed this Walleye shirt I had picked up on a trip to Wisconsin. He would not wear it fishing because it was too good. I wish he would have been able to have enjoyed it more. He would wear it to the auction that he and my mother went to but never fishing. Mom was never good with the camera so his head is cropped. He had the jet black hair until the last year.

He made a lot of great catches. Here is from a day in the summer about 8 years ago when he caught a big 36" Northern Pike and a 20" Large Mouth Bass. He would make these great catches several times a year.

He caught a 17" crappie one year and never even took a picture. I would fill my camera with pictures of a crappie that big. My biggest was a 16" Crappie.

See the post when I wrote about The Original Fishing Guy.


Shark Girl said...

I like this post. I think it's because of your admiration of your dad.

You look like him.

fishing guy said...

I guess I never realized how much I looked like him until you said that I did. I certainly got my smile from him.

Shark Girl said...

You got more than the smile. You got the eyes and cheeks too. You really look like him. I think that's cool.