Thursday, October 4, 2007

33 Plymoth

I was over my friends Joe shop in Elyria and he had the car he had rebuilt on the rack. This has to be one of the greatest looking cars I've ever seen. It has won first place in the Cleveland Auto Show in its car division. The car's roof is not chopped and this is the original look. It was a good looking car in it's day but I know it looks even better today. The bottom suspension is from a Mustang. It is street drivable and he does take it around town at times.

The inside is really spiffed up and it is drivable. I think it is fancy inside. Joe does most of the work himself. He was offered $70K and turned it down.

It's powered by a Chevy engine and it really runs well. You have to know what your doing to build a car like this.

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