Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rooster Fish in Costa Rica

When I was interviewing with Mr. Chinchilla I mention I had caught a Rooster Fish. Here is a picture of me on the boat with the Rooster Fish. This was the largest fish I ever caught. I bought the hat in Costa Rica and still have it in the family room.


Anonymous said...

I see why it gets it's name.. I think. Shape of the fin?

Impressive fish. I often wonder who decides to eat a fish (or anything else) first to see if it's deadly, before it goes on the list of okay things to eat. Kind of like eggs you know? Who sat there behind a chicken one day and said; "I'm going to eat whatever just dropped out of its butt"

How do you know what you catch and whether or not you can eat it?

Are you going to tell us any fish stories? I'm going to blog about my fishing trip out on Lake Superior.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and why are you wearing a glove to pick it up? Does it have spikes or something?

fishing guy said...

Yes, the shape of the fin is where it gets its name. I kind of reminds you of the top of a rooster.

I certainly never figured out how people knew what to eat. I think with fish, someone eats it and if they get sick or die the next person who knows what happened doesn't eat it. A good example is Monk Fish. It tastes like lobster. If you look at it you would never eat it. You have the same problem with mushrooms. They can look the same and one type could kill you.

I'll try to tell some fish stories as I blog along.

Rooster Fish have sharp a gill plate so the glove was protecting my hand. That part that comes down around the gill.

jedijawa said...

Wow, now that's impressive.

Mr. Chinchilla said...

Oooh...I know what I'm having for dinner tonight. Great catch there, Fishing Guy, and thanks for the link!

fishing guy said...

Mr. Chinchilla
I was happy to link to you. I was just learning how to do it this past week. I think you do a good job on your sight.