Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Deer by the plant

I work in the city of Stow, Ohio. The street we are on has businesses all along with a small wooded area in the rear. I was leaving work yesterday at 4 PM when I saw a first for me. In a small open area, about 50' x 30', next to the parking lot I saw a doe standing. It started to walk toward an even smaller wooded area. I whistled at it to try to get it to stop but it walked into the woods. As I said, I was not trying to be quiet and was really surprised when a six point buck walked into the same clearing. It wasn't in the least afraid of me. It is getting close to rutting season and the buck was staying close to the doe. There is no hunting in the city but this was the first time I saw deer so far out in the open. They obviously were not afraid of me. I wish I had my camera with me.

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