Monday, October 15, 2007

Doctor's Visit Today

I had to go to the doctors today for the annual physical. This is not done in dread but sometimes you go with apprehension. I've had a lesion on my arm that has come and gone twice and I wanted something done about it.

What word do you not want to hear from a doctor during a procedure? Well, whoops has to rank right up there. The doctor had a medical student with him who was in his third year of medical school. He did the physical with the doctor was checking over his work. Everything was fine with me so the doctor decided to take the lesion from my arm in the same visit.

The doctor numbed my arm, so I was lying there awake, then punched the lesion out. He then told the intern to stitch the cutout area. The doctor gave me a choice on the number of stitches and I chose three since I am golfing this afternoon. This is when the intern said the fateful word. He finished the first stitch and said whoops. I wonder what he had done wrong. I had told the doctor that I blogged before this happened. The doctor made a joke out of it saying this is something I could blog about. It turned out to be no reason for the whoops so it just was the idea of telling about it that intrigued me. The doctor said take an aspirin and go out and play golf.

My oldest grandson is the number two man on his junior high golf team and needed a relative to play with him. His Dad had some out of town plans that he had forgot about. So, Papa to the rescue, I'm going to play with him today after school.


sg said...

Sheesk! I thought you were going to say the word you didn't want to hear was "cancer."

I'm glad everything turned out, including the "whoops."

No buckeyes today. :( Maybe they'll come in tomorrow. I think I'm going to fire my mail lady tomorrow.

fishing guy said...

I forgot about the time I was told that I had cancer. That was a tough word to hear.
The golf game was fun. I was playing well except on two holes and my grandson made several putts. We didn't come close to winning and ended up in the middle of the groups. The father/daughter playing with us shot four under par.

jedijawa said...

Nice to see that you're still in good shape. I see that your blogging has really kicked off too!