Monday, October 22, 2007

The floor of the deck is done.

I finished the sealing of the deck today. I took a half day off work before the cold front moved into the area. It wasn't too bad. I had done half on Sunday and finished it today. Here are some pictures.
This is the eating area.
It has to be cooked first.
Here is the seating area.
This is the herb barrel.
This is mr. chinchillas cousin in the herbs.


Shark Girl said...

Now your deck looks brand new. Good job.

That's a good idea to have an herb barrel. I never thought of that. I was just buying herbs from the store because they won't grow well in the terrible soil my yard has.

That's a good pet to have too. It doesn't require clean up or feedings.

Have you ever tried chocolate mint before? It's great. I think it's easy to grow too, but I don't know what you use it for. I just like eating the leaves.

fishing guy said...

I'm really happy how the deck turned out.

I just bought half a whiskey barrel and added casters to the bottom to allow it to move easily. I then added a good mulch with soil add didn't have to do much more. Just add water and the plants really take off.

I have a little frog and the bunny in the barrel. There is no clean up but also no extra fertilizer. Doesn't the bummy look like mr. chinchilla in the barrel picture?

Ms. has mint in their for drinks. I don't think I ever heard of chocolate mint. Maybe you put it hot chocolate.(LOL)

Shark Girl said...

Hot chocolate? Now there's an idea. I just had some hot chocolate tonight (struggling with my training), and I put some mint in it. I never thought about putting chocolate mint leaves in it. I'll have to try that.