Saturday, October 6, 2007

Steinbrenner complains about midgets

George Steinbrenner has posted an official complaint with baseball commissioner Bud Selig. Steinbrenner who is fishing in the Atlantic heard the problems his team was having with the midgets on the field during last nights game 2. He was still celebrating the fact that the Yankees got to play the Indians first. He still didn't know how the Indians won game 1. All aboard were listening to the play by play by radio. He feels, since his team was winning at the time the midgets came on the field, that his team should be awarded the win. George said he would ban all midgets from the next two Yankee games and also would lobby for banning them from the Indian game five if necessary. He is very unhappy the umpires couldn't control the midget situation. He felt anyone could get midgets off the field and didn't understand how the umpires thought spraying them would help.

George Steinbrenner said his team had beaten the Indians every time this year and this tactic of using midgets was completely unfair. He is putting his top office man, George Costanza, onto this investigation of the problem with midgets. A source, close to George Costanza, known only as Kramer said "George Costanza would get to the bottom of this problem and will do it quickly".

Fishing with George Steinbrenner was Golf Commissioner Tim Finchem and millionaire mogul Donald Trump. Tim Finchem told source that if this happened in a game of golf and a player who had a midget disturb other players would be disqualified immediately. Donald Trump who was also on the fishing trip said he would be happy to fire the Baseball Commissioner if he didn't make the correct ruling. Donald said he was really good at firing people.

Bud Selig said he would make his final ruling tomorrow before game 3 of the series.


jedijawa said...

Hmm...I guess just am not a sports guy. I don't get it.

fishing guy said...

It was written as a parody of the (midges / Midgets) and an attempt to show G.S. in a funny light. Did you notice the mixture of real and TV people?