Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jake -our Pomeranian

Jake has one bad eye from a run-in with a bigger dog when he was a pup.
He does pretty well with sight out of one eye. This is his cat pose. Watch out mr. chinchilla.
Jake is 13 years old. We've only had him a few years but have known him for 10 years. He went to the groomers yesterday. He really needed a haircut. Sometimes he doesn't look like the same dog when he comes home. The groomers always gice him a nice scarf. This time it is a halloween theme. They give him what I call a lion cut with a flair at his face.


Mr. Chinchilla said...

Oohh. . . very neat cat pose! I like dogs, so it's ok!

Shark Girl said...

Awwwww... very very cute pictures. I like to see dog's get that "lion" look. My next door neighbors groomed their dog to look like a lion.

Mr. Chinchilla, you wouldn't last long in my house. My dog likes to paw, toy and then kill. My mother's dog would just kill.

jedijawa said...

Glad to see that Jake is still doing well. He's a neat dog.

Beckee2 said...

Hello, I too have a Pomeranian (almost 13 years old) He also has a bad eye.. from a run in with a larger dog about 8 years ago (a blue-healer). I was just looking to see what a "lion-cut" looks like.. and found your "jake" with his Lion Cut. I was thinking about getting my pom a Lion cut.. as my pom (J.C.) is not wanting me to comb him anymore (he is getting a "bad attitude" when I try to comb him)*lol* so.. he is starting to get "dread-locks" under his top-coat. I am just scared that his hair won't grow back after it is cut.. since he is so old. (And I certainly don't want a BALD Pomeranian!!) What do you think? Will it grow back easily.. and will he LOOK the same.. stay the same color etc? Email me at ..