Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cleveland Indians move on.

Well the Yankees were no match for the Indians. After the Indians had goes 0-6 in the regular season they then go 3-1 to win the series. George S. isn't happy that all the money he spent on the Yankees he doesn't go further in the play-offs. It looked and sounded that after 12 years Torre is gone. He was a good skipper for the Yankees.
Now they move on to face the Red Sox's. Boston had looked bad for so may years that the fans have to be happy that they are winning again. They were the only team, along with the Cubs and the Indians, who hadn't won the world series in many a year. I would be really strange if the Indians could knock the Red Sox's out of the World Series. Can the 2007 Indians do what the 1990's powerhouse Indians couldn't do. We will have to see how Fridays game goes at the famous Fen-way park with the giant left field wall.

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