Thursday, October 18, 2007

corn maze and hayride

We took the grand kids through a corn maze and on a hay ride last weekend. I was able to get a couple of neat pictures.

The maze was hard and after an hour we headed out through the entrance.

We were the only ones on the hay ride and the farmer gave us a long ride. We were in charge.

My grand daughter is relaxing on the hay bales.

My youngest grand son got into the act of relaxing also.
This is the highest spot in Mahoning County. It's not very high. You are definitely out of the Appalachian Mountains when you are in NE Ohio.

We saw cows and horses on the ride.


Hoyt said...

Great pics! My wife's family has a farm in Ohio and I love going on the hay rides, too!

Shark Girl said...

I remember hay rides when I was a kid. We had 120 acres, 75 of which were open field. We use to go out on hay rides a lot in Michigan and have hot apple cider or hot chocolate.

Those were fun times.

You have a nice family.

jedijawa said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun!

fishing guy said...

Thanks All
It was a fun day.

Rebecca Burch said...

That looks like fun! There is a corn maze that is about 2 hours from my home, and I keep thinking I'll take the kids but they're just so busy with football. I don't want to wish my kids will lose, but I will be glad when football season is over. I'm exhausted!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a place to take a hayride for my boyfriend's birthday in mid-October. Where did you take this hayride and can I rent it for a private ride? Pam

fishing guy said...

The place was called Ridge View Farm on Route 87 near Middlefield, OH. 440-693-4000 You would have to call them.