Thursday, October 11, 2007

power washing finished on deck

It was 7 PM last night when I finished the deck. I decided to give the floor deck a second pass on Monday after finishing the railings. You learn as you go and I was doing a better job of using the power washer by the time I did the second pass. When I started doing the deck floor on Monday it was 89F. When I started last night it was 51F and when I finished it was 49F. A 40F swing in 3 days. Isn't Ohio weather great. I had to use a flash to get pictures because it was getting dark at by the end of the power washing.

Here is a view up the east stairway.

The power washer is still hooked to the water supply but the deck is complete. The floor of the deck is stripped much better with the second pass. I used a soap on this pass.

Here is a view up the west stairway.
Here is a view of the fan.
Here is the railing beside the fan.


SG said...

I like that deck. Did you have it built or did you build it?

I like the fan rail too because it adds a nice touch to what would be an otherwise boring typical railing.

Nice job on the clean up. A pressure washer is definately going on my wish list.

parking lot sweeping L.A said...

Wow, what a adorable job finished with the power of pressure washing.