Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Indians go up 2-1 over Boston

Indians win1st game at home. Westbrook is one of the scariest pitchers on the Indians staff. If he has his sinker is working he stays in the game. Last night his sinker was working. He was on and the Indians bullpen holds onto a win. Byrd pitches today and with a good outing the Indians could be up 3-1. I'm expecting a good game out of Byrd today.

How about those Rockies. A team from nowhere goes 21 out of 22 in their games and wins the NL series. They are on a roll and it should make the World Series a fun time. I'm hoping that the Indians get a chance at them and we will see if they can hold up against some good hitting and good pitching.

The weather is showing rain in the forecast. It could make for another long game with rain delays. Let's hope the showers hold off so we can get the game in.

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