Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cameras I use to blog

I was asked by Shark Girl to tell about the camera I use to blog. I actually use two cameras.

Number One
My favorite is my Sony Mavica MCV FD73 which is older and has a 3.5" floppy disc. It has a 10X zoom and the picture size on fine is only 70Mb. It does close work better then my good camera and is perfect for blogging. Here is a picture of my Fish Ohio Pin hat. I will post about Fish Ohio at a later time.
Number Two
The newer one is a Samsung Digimax D53 which I keep set on 3 mega pixels. It has a 1 GB SD card. It has a 3X zoom. It takes great outdoor shots. The pictures are larger, 700 Mb, and don't post as well. You can see the difference, when I used the Samsung at the farm, in quality and the size of the pictures. I do very little photo editing, most of what you see is what I snapped, but when I do photo edit I use Ulead PhotoImpact 8. I also use Photoshow Deluxe 3 to make slide shows.


Shark Girl said...

Thank you!

I was curious especially when you said you stopped at a red light to take the picture for the "what a car" post. I doesn't seem like you had much time to take the picture, so I figured you have a good camera.

Then in the corn maze too, you can see the quality of photo.

I've recently started photo blogging because I saw how jedi put photos in his posts. My posts were always just text.

I started adding photos to my blogs and I'm having a lot more fun blogging.

I have a Sony Cybershot that was given to me, but have not had time to learn it yet. I'm still using my phone camera, which is poor quality, but it's easy to use because I know it well. I just have to take some time and learn my new camera I guess.

Photo blogging is fun isn't it?

By the way, you can still use your 700 MB photos. You just have to change the image size down to fit your blog's content width. Plus, you can crop out whatever you don't want in the photo if it takes a wide picture.

I try to keep my photos 25k or less in case someone is on a dial up. (like me). Your photos load fast on my computer.

Rebecca Burch said...

Thanks for the link and compliment about my photography, Fishing Guy!

fishing guy said...

Shark Girl Photo blogging is fun. I agree with the saying that "A picture is worth a thousand words". I'm not the good typist like you and Jedi is so I resort to saying a lot with pictures.

Rebbeca I really enjoy your sight "carpe you some deim". I don't understand linking when I'm in comment mode but wanted to tie your sight in.

jedijawa said...

That first camera of yours was okay when memory cards were expensive and disks weren't ... but it really limits what you can do when it has to fit onto a 3.5" floppy. I'm glad you got that camera. Is that the one that you asked me about a while back when you were shopping for them?

Oh, and just so you know. You can take the display stickers off of them once you have bought them. Goofy. :-)

BTW, I love Becky's photography too. She has an awesome camera for it!

jedijawa said...

Looks like you've started to figure out how to link now! Good!

fishing guy said...

Thank you Master Jedi. I still think the Sony does a grat job for a small file. It also did close-ups better. The Samsung is the camera I asked you about last year.

I love the stickers on the camera. It sure made the blog easier.

I have most of the linking down except in these boxes.

jedijawa said...

You have to use actual html code in these boxes as there are no buttons. You'll get the hang of it if you look at the codes in your posts.