Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who cares Manny?

I read the following bout Manny on Yahoo. I think this picture shows who cares right after there win on Tuesday. The Indians care.

The Manny diaries
By Tim Brown, Yahoo! Sports

If this American League championship series becomes too much to bear for the Boston Red Sox, if this deficit is too large and these Cleveland Indians too polished for their weary baseball psyches, it won't be Manny Ramirez's head that fails them. Manny's psyche is just fine.
"If it doesn't happen, who cares?" Ramirez said Wednesday afternoon. "There's always next year. It's not like it's the end of the world."
Presumably, this will not be the precise sentiment with which Terry Francona sends his men onto Jacobs Field for Game 5. The organization and its city stowed the wait-'til-next-year routine with the 2004 Idiots.
Who cares? The 24 guys around him, his manager, his owner, the people who carve off a bit of paycheck to squeeze into those old, narrow box seats and chant his name every night. They probably care.
The Indians, I'm guessing, care.
There are, however, two riders that need to be attached to Ramirez's flippancy. He does not speak for the Red Sox clubhouse or the Red Sox organization. He goes years without speaking publicly at all, a practice the Red Sox might now consider encouraging.

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