Tuesday, October 2, 2007

power washing continued

The deck floor is complete. It did some real changing as I washed it.

I also did the signature deck builders fan on the railing while doing the deck. I think it came through the power washing really nicely. I didn't do the complete railing except in the fan area.
Here is a view down the stairway that hasn't been completed. I need to finish the railings on the inside and then go to the stairway and the outside of the rails. It is really coming together well. I might finish it by next week.


Anonymous said...

Do you have to seal the deck now, or will it stay like that for awhile?

I was thinking of getting the "no-maintence" decking stuff.

Your deck looks new. Does the washer have enough power to hold up for a lot of uses, such as a rental neighborhood, or is for home use only?

fishing guy said...

It's best to seal the deck to be sure no water warps the boards. I use Thompson clear sealant so the wood grain shows through.
Plastic wood is a great way to go but it will pick up mold so it still needs power washed.
It's only for home use but I got an extended warranty and the guy at the store said there is no way to tell how much it is used. Use your own gudgement.

Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to your post, but I just noticed the cool archive'd post gadget you have on your side menu.

I know you're new to blogging and may not have a clue what you used to put that there, but do you know by any chance?

I want one for my blog.


fishing guy said...

I wish I could help but it came with the blog form I used. Maybe someone else knows.
Fishing Guy