Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Eagles come flying back

Yes, The Eagles have returned with a new album "Long Road Out of Eden". It is a Wal-Mart exclusive and a two disc set for $11.88. It comes in a brown cardboard case with the two disc and the lyrics in a booklet. I purchased it and was thrilled with the sound of disc one. I enjoyed all but one song on that disc. The first song on the disc starts out acapella and shows that Don Henley and The Eagles can still sing, and sing well. I thought the first disc was a contemporary new country sound but was in the line with one of my favorite country song by The Eagles "Desperado".
You wonder how this sound could be gone country for 28 years since a new studio release was completed. The second disc starts with a "Long Road Out of Eden" which is 10 minutes long. I didn't enjoy the second disc as much because that side is more into a rock sound rather then country. I'm sure the rock enthusiast will love that disc.
The country world will embrace The Eagles just as they have embraced the Garth Brooks in his comeback song.

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Shark Girl said...

Desperado...that's the song my sister declared is my theme song.

She's a brat. But she's right. ha!

I forgot all about The Eagles. I'll have to check this out.