Saturday, November 24, 2007

8 Interesting Random Things About Me

Jedi has tagged me with the “8 interesting/random things about me” meme. I don't normally like these things on regular E-mail but it seems appropriate here. This has been a busy time so it took a couple of days to get to it.

1. I'm a very open person and try to never lie to someone. What you see is what you get. This is not an advantage in the business world. Sometimes, I would rather say nothing then try to skirt around a question. Never ask me what I think about your idea because, I will let you know.

2. The only class I ever failed was Latin. I think I would have done better in a speaking language. This is one of the main reasons I ended up an Engineer. That and the fact that math and the sciences were very easy for me.

3. I could definitely lose some weight. I did pretty good over the Thanksgiving Holiday with my eating. My doctor would like me to weigh less, but I like to eat. I have no constitution to stick to a diet. I drink only diet pop because I don't need the extra calories of regular pop.

4. I plan to retire at the end of 2008 or early 2009. This is a given which I will stick to as planned. If work goes badly I will do it earlier.

5. I'm a very good friend to people. If I like you no one should ever say bad things about you to me. I will defend you to the end.

6. If I feel I've been crossed or played with I will put you on a list of people to avoid. You probably will never be my friend if you are on that list.

7. I believe in a loving God of creation. I don't believe we are an accident on this earth.

8. I never made a sports team in high school. I only weighed 143 pounds when I graduated. I would have to be deathly sick to get back to that weight.

Well, that's me randomly exposed to all of you. I hope they are interesting things but you have to be the judge.


Shark Girl said...

You have intersting things about you, and I especially like what you say about friendships.

I posted a similar thing about friendships when answering jedi's tag too.

I'm loyal to the core and I'll defend my friends. I don't care if it costs me a job, a contract or my life. My claws will come out to defend someone I trust.

jedijawa said...

Very good! Thank you! :-)