Sunday, November 18, 2007

Johnson Wins Nextel Cup

It certainly was expected for Johnson to win as he finishes 7th and Jeff Gordon finishes 4th at the Homestead Track. Johnson had built up a big lead in the chase with his fours straight wins. It was an emotional win for the Lowe's Chevrolet team. The Hendricks team finishes one, two in the chase. Jeff Gordon put up a valiant fight but had to big a deficit to make up.

Johnson won over 6 million for winning the Nextel Cup. He had a 10 win season for his second cup in a row. He was the better driver in the final races in the chase. Great racing Jimmie.

It was too bad he didn't win his 5th race in a row to set the record. I guess he didn't have the car to do it today.


Shark Girl said...

6 million for getting to speed and not get a ticket? As in millions of dollars?


I tried riding in one of those race cars they set up so you can see what it's like. Let's just say it wasn't pretty, and I spent a lot of time running into the wall.

I bounce pretty good.

It was very hard to steer and I thought it would be easier. The faster you go, the more difficult is to control. I didn't know that. But 6 mil... I can learn. *smirk*

fishing guy said...

SG: If it was only that easy to win. There are racers out there that don't even come close to a win.
Then there is the ride upside down on the roof or wrecking straight into the wall. Let's just stay in a line of work were death isn't a looming possibility.