Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's November already!!!

I thought as you got older the time would go slower. I can remember my grandfather and he always seemed relaxed. Maybe it will happen when I retire in another year or so. The time is just passing so quickly. I have to work on the yard and the garden today. Later today and tomorrow I have to clean up the garden beds and the garage.
I also have my daughters grass to do. The frosty nights we have been having should cut down on the grass deciding it should keep growing. I also have the leaves from the trees to work on. Why am I sitting here posting when I should be doing all that work? Does the word procrastinating come to mind. Well I better get going now, or should I check the other posts I read!


Shark Girl said...

I was happy to see new posts by you! Don't look at it as procrastination. Look at as....hmmm... socializing! Yeah, that's it.

I've been so busy studying jedi's ethical stuff for the past few days that I haven't made any new posts (other than my diet posts) in my blog. Even my sharks blog is lacking because that too got held up on lawyer ethics.

I had a lot of fun though, but now I have to get caught up on the rest of my favorite blogs...which is why I'm here.

What is in your garden at this time of year, or are you just prepping it?

fishing guy said...

Hi SG I'm getting everything ready for winter. The frost finished off my vegetable garden. I was still getting tomatoes and peppers until last week. The other beds around the house have Hosta's, 4 types, and Cali Lilly's, white and yellow. You need to cut back the Hosta and dig up the lily bulbs.