Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deer in the Fog

It was a foggy drive to work this morning. The little warm spell and all the moisture in the air made a fairly soupy fog to drive to work. I was going down a two lane black top and saw something big in my head lights. It turned out that a doe decided to cross the road from a weeded area into a cornfield. It was a big doe and probably eats in the corn field regularly.

It was lucky that I had enough time to brake and let her go on her merry way. Boy am I seeing a lot of deer this year. I can't remember seeing many deer last year so they are either braver or the population is exploding. There are two cities side by side with no hunting allowed.


Sarah Cooper said...

We're seeing them everywhere here, too. I feel bad for them, after the drought I wonder how much food they have.

The deer with a corn field has a pretty good life.

fishing guy said...

She looked fat and happy. Well, maybe in the fog I couldn't see the happy.