Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blake Shelton new CD

Blake Shelton is my favorite country artist. I have gone to his live performances five times and seen him with Rascal Flatts and Montgomery Gentry. In the spring he released a new CD called (Pure BS). The title is a play on his name. I normally think that I love every song on his albums. This is an album you have to get used to. The more you hear it the more you like it.

The last time Blake had new CD was in 2004 (Barn and Grill). His new CD has a theme of pain and suffering. The first single from this collection, “Don’t Make Me,” is about one trying to desperately hang on to love in what sounds like a relationship that’s anything but solid. Blake just went through a divorce and it shows in his songs. The rest of the songs have a love gone bad relationships with songs like, "I Don't Care", “She Don’t Love Me,” “Back There Again,” “What I Wouldn’t Give,” and “I Have Been Lonely.” Blake delivers each of these tunes with a different feel so it’s not as if you’re hearing the same song over and over. More pain and regret comes from the song, “It Ain’t Easy Being Me,” in which a man looks at himself and doesn’t like what he sees.

Blake does offer a couple lighter tunes with tracks like “This Can’t Be Good” and the current hit release “The More I Drink.”

This is an album which is well put together with enough variety of tempo and mood to keep any listener entertained through all 11 tracks. In short, Pure BS is a great album.


Shark Girl said...

I'm downloading "I don't care" on Napster. I'm curious about it. I can't view the video because I'm on a dial up.

fishing guy said...

This may hit close to home but does have a happy ending.

Shark Girl said...

I REALLY like the song "I don't care". I have three songs of his now. Thanks for telling me about him.