Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm feeling better.

I really had a tough week. I wasn't doing much posting based on how I felt. I went from a gum infection to a sinus infection in the middle of the week. I have been faithful with the antibiotics and have been taking Advil for the pain. Between the two I'm feeling a lot better.

I need to go back into the Dentist on Monday to see if he can figure anything out. I wonder if the gum and sinus infections are related. If he doesn't know I may end up at my Family Doctor to figure it out.

I'm glad the work week is done. My job as an Engineer is so almost completely mental. I sometimes have to measure parts and that is the only physical part of the job. The rest of the time is spent making designs on the computer. I think having these kind of medical problems makes the mental aspect of the job very hard. I will tell you this much. Having Auto Cad makes the designing and drawing part of my job much easier. When I started my work life you did all your drawings by hand on the drawing board. I had a drafter back then who would take my layout and convert it to part drawings. I now do all the drawings myself. This is an prime example of how the computer age has improved the quality of work. I make great looking drawings on the computer. I was a sloppy designer with a pencil.


Carletta said...

Glad to see you're back and feeling better.
WVU and Ohio - hmmm...interesting.

Shark Girl said...

I'm happy you're feeling better. What CAD do you use? I had to do blueprints the hard way in school. I took a drafting class, but I didn't like the precision drawings that had to be done for bolts and parts and stuff I would never need.

It was very tedious work!

I need your fish recipe again. I was in here looking for it but I couldn't find it. I don't think search works on comments. I can't find the printed recipe so I have to reprint.

Do you remember where we talked about it? I'm hungry for fish and I have some talapia. Do you think the recipe will work on that or should I try to find some crappie some place? Does the South have those?

fishing guy said...

SG: I use Auto-cad 14 for my drawings. I have Auto-cad 2002 but like the earlier version better. Auto-cad is an expensive system but is very easy to use and is compatible with most systems.

I will post my favorite fish recipe later today. Talapia will work fine with the recipe.

The Film Geek said...

Glad you are well!