Friday, November 9, 2007

Deer during the rut

The deer are still running around in Ohio. they are very active because of the rut. The Texas sight attached to the rut has some great deer pictures. The rut is something that happens at different times in different times throughout the states. The bucks are chasing the doe to try to find them at the right time for breeding.

As I was driving in the morning a deer ran directly in front of the car. I was just exiting the city. It was light enough that I could see the deer in a large lawn next to the road. The deer was a six point buck and was a young deer maybe in it's second year. The deer get feed well because of the farmers cornfield. When I went back after lunch there was a deer crossing sign next to the road about 50 feet from where I saw the deer.

This morning I was half way to work and saw a deer walking across a driving range for a golf course. It was a big deer but it was too dark to tell whether the deer was a buck or a doe. It was just out in the driving range and I didn't see any other deer in the area.
I have seen a lot of deer in the city in the last few weeks.

I was coming back from lunch and saw another first. A small weasel about 20" long crossed the road directly in front of my car. Was this is some sort of a sign. Did you send a sign to me mr. chinchilla? The weasel didn't have a baseball cap so I didn't know if it was related.


Mr. Chinchilla said...

It wasn't me. I've been too busy watching my new HD tee-vee to communicate with any animals this week.

fishing guy said...

All the animals I have seen during the last few weeks had made me wonder. I know you have been busy watching your HDTV. New things are fascinating, aren't they.