Monday, November 26, 2007

A Special Thanksgiving #2

I had said it would be a special time with the 6 grand kids being together for Thanksgiving in A Special Thanksgiving. It was a great time with all the grand kids from Ohio and one from out of the country.

I was surprised how much my grand daughter had changed since I saw her last. There is a big difference between 14 and 12. She looks a lot like her mother and fits well into the family.

It's sometimes hard to get every ones attention.

Sometimes you have to let kids be kids.

The two girls separated from the boys a lot of the time.

Here is my grand daughter with my son and daughter in position of her mother would be.


Shark Girl said...

FG, the link for your special thankgiving is broken. It looks like the full title is missing to it.

Love the pictures! You have a nice looking family. I hope you weren't trying to get a serious picture from the grandkids!

Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

fishing guy said...

Thanks SG: I fixed the link.

I was trying on the first one but after two tries I gave up. The two red heads are my sons boys.

Shark Girl said...

Well, you captured the moment anyway. I don't think kids can be serious.

You take good pictures. I'm on a dial-up and your pictures load very well and they look great.

jedijawa said...

Wow! Rachel is looking so grown up! So is little Corey! Awww..