Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Deer and Snow

The last two days have been strange drives to work at lunch.

Yesterday as I was driving back from lunch I saw an unusual sight. I was about two miles from work on a busy road. A six point buck was in the front yard of an apartment complex, along a fairly busy road, waiting to cross the road. The traffic was rather slow on the road at that time. The buck did wait until I passed then went into a small wooden gully. I'm fairly sure he was chasing does and was following a trail that lead him into a busy populated area.

I continued onto work and was about a mile from work on another busy road with a car in front of me and two cars coming toward me. A doe ran across the road between the two cars coming toward me and directly in front of the car in front of me. The doe made a really chancy crossing but it did make it. What are all these deer running in the area on busy streets at 1 PM? Why it's the rut on full bore.

Today the strange thing is after a real mild Fall we are having snow flurries as I went and came back from lunch. It was only two weeks ago that I was going out and power washing my deck. I'm glad that job is complete with this cold weather.


Shark Girl said...

That sounds funny to hear about snow. I still have my air conditioning going. I have a fan going in my bedroom (but then I just like the sound of a fan too), and during the day, it's just summer clothes still.

It's been a long time since I've seen snow.

Can you FedEx me some? (kidding)

We still have another season of gardening we can do, which is greens, like collards, lettuce, etc. I'm getting ready to plants some flowers in my yard (pansies).

fishing guy said...

We were at 80 degrees two weeks ago. We then had our peek leave change with beautiful colors and a lot of trees have already lost their leaves. The ones that are left will fall with the big winds and storms.
I guess that's why they say if you don't like the weather in Ohio just wait until next week.
I'm sure the planting will be fun. Are you using a barrel for the lettuce?

Shark Girl said...

I'm just going to use square foot gardening techniques for my winter garden. Not sure what to use for the border yet though.

I have a flower bed for the pansies, as well as several flower pots for them on my porch.

The fall colors is what I miss about the north. We don't get that color change in Georgia. We go from green, to some orange/red, to brown very fast.

But this year, the trees are confused and haven't dropped their leaves yet. Very few leaves in my yard because they're still hanging on and are still green for the most part.