Saturday, November 10, 2007

Keith Urban / Gary Allan

Gary Allan opened on the Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy World Tour 2007. Gary had a cool stage with his skeleton horse logo on the stage. He is a California boy a hot spot of country music. He did his famous song "Life Ain't Always Beautiful".

He also performed "Best I Ever Had". He was excited about the response. He also did his new song "Watching Airplanes".
Keith Urban came on and everything was upgraded. The screen was bigger in it's projection. The whole stage area was a light show. He was able to show his excellence on the guitar. He performed "Better Life".
He even had split screen for him to sing "I Told You So".

I really enjoyed the projection when they went to a changing colored the screen.

The group performed one acoustical out on the runway.

They had a lot of closeups on the big screen. The women outnumbered the men 4 to 1 at the show. The women think he is really hot. He is married to Nichole Kidman. He sang "You're My Better Half".
He sang "You'll Think of Me" out on the runway. The group went out to the end of the runway for a set. This put them in the center of the arena and Keith invited the audience on the lower level to come around the stage.
The song that the people really responded to while out there was "Somebody Like You"

All in all it was an exciting sound and light experience at The "Q".

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lmt1073 said...

ahhh, i've seen them both. and excellent performers they are! I could just eat them up!