Friday, November 16, 2007

When Bowling rocks.

On November 14th my friend Hoyt made a post on things that rock and that made me remember back when.
I had a bowling averaged of 175 in the different leagues I bowled. I was considered good bowler but there were lots of better bowlers in the leagues. I have bowled some good games through the years having a high games in two different leagues in the 1982-83 season. I bowled a 266 in a work lunchtime league. Bob was my partner in the league and we went on to win first place in the league.
I was also bowling an evening mixed doubles league that season with my daughter Jodi and two of her college friends. One night I bowled a high game of 290. You have to bowl a spare on the first ball and string 11 strikes in a row to bowl a 290 game. You win a belt buckle with 290 on the buckle for that achievement. I always thought that would be my highest bowling honor. We won both halves of that league and also won the first place trophy. These achievements rocked.

I want to share with you the time that really rocked. There was a time back in the 1987-88 bowling season when everything went right for one game. There were two bowlers on the team that were better then me. Bob had gotten me in the league and gave me some great advise on bowling through the years. He was there when I bowled the 266 so he knew I could string strikes. Bob had been working on my hand position and starting position on the alleys. He was a great teacher and was willing to share his expertise. I have always been coordinated so just through practice I could repeat actions. I had been working on a no push away swing of the ball and a stiff elbow which got my hand in a great position to throw the ball.
The evening started out with a 173 game and then in the second game I finished with three strikes in a row to bowl a 193. I wasn't happy, we were losing the other team and my finish in the second game was to little to late. I then proceeded to continue the string strikes and bowled 12 strikes in a row for my 300 game. Yes, the total was 666 but I didn't think of it as a bad omen even though it's a bad number. Our team shot 1013 for the game.

Here are the trophies for 290 on left 300 in the middle and 266 on the right.


Shark Girl said...

I didn't realize bowling was so technical!

I must be a very VERY good bowler too, because I graded with a g all the way across the score card.

The scorekeeper writes "G" in the little boxes.

I'm surprised no one has asked me to be on their league yet though. Maybe your team will offer?

fishing guy said...

SG: I'm sorry to tell you but you need to be bumper bowling. They block off the gutters so the ball can't fall in until the very end. The grandkids love it. They bonce the ball off the bumpers and watch it go to the middle. It's better then a G score.
I don't bowl any longer except for fun. It's to hard on the knees.

Hoyt said...

Hey, cool stories, FG. I'm a lousy bowler. I mean, really, really lousy. If I'm lucky, I might break 50.

I haven't been bowling in ages. I love to do it, though, as horrible as I play.

fishing guy said...

Hoyt: Like I said to SG take the kids with you and do bumper bowling. Your scores will improve with no gutters.