Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Steeler's field needed help.

It's really bad when a field comes into play during a game. The field at Heinz Field was awful. No one could do what they wanted to do under those conditions. I heard they laid a new layer of sod over the original sod. I wonder who came up with that brilliant idea. Didn't someone realize that a loose field wouldn't work. It's just lucky they were playing Miami who hasn't done anything this year. It was an awful night with lightning delaying the game start. It rained hard all through the game.

The Steeler's played on the Miami end of the field all night. They even had a great passing performance from Roethlisberger. The problem was it was impossible to kick on the field. It didn't matter whether it was a field goal or punt it just didn't work. No one could run on the field. Joey Porter still gained 81 yards to go over 1,00 yards for the year.

The Steeler's made a field goal with 17 seconds left in the game to win 3-0. The Steeler's now have to play the Bengals. They need to play a good game because the Patriots are on the schedule.


Shark Girl said...

Wouldn't that be like running on sponges?

I think whoever put the sod down on top of the old sod is the same company who fills the potholes with gravel...yeah, like that's going to fix it.

fishing guy said...

Do you mean you have pot holes down south. I thought it was a winter problem in the north. I've swerved to miss a couple of good ones recently. We at least patch them with asphalt. Patching with gravel is really temporary.

Shark Girl said...

Oh boy do we ever have potholes! They dump gravel in them, until someone's car gets dinged and there's a complaint. Then they go dump some kind of loose tar in it, and instead of packing it down, they rely on the cars to run over it and pack it down. This gets the tar up under your car because the tires pull it up.

In TN, I went with my sister to take a picture of a huge pothole that wrecked my other sister's frame. My sister called the county and they claimed there was no such pothole. They didn't know she had the picture. They weren't going to reimberse her for the damage.

We went back to the pothole and someone had filled it up with tar. Too late! We had the pictures that showed the exact location of the pothole and several shots of the pothole itself. She sent the pictures to the news media. The county paid for the damages.

My road has lots of potholes. You have to know where they are and just drive around them. It looks like drunk drivers going down my road. We all know where they are.

Shark Girl said...

Wrecked my other sister's frame? lol. I meant the car frame, not my sister's frame.