Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Latest Fish Ohio 2007

I posted about "My First Fish Ohio" so I think it would only be appropriate to post about my last. on July 7th of this year the boys and I went to Lake Hodgson for some float fishing in the boat. It was hot as July often is but with a breeze it was comfortable. We were floating from a weed bed down a underwater sand bar. We didn't catch a lot that day but I got a descent crappie on a minnow and I hooked into a 9.5" Bluegill. If you catch a Bluegill over 9" it is a Fish Ohio. The boys helped reel in the fish.

Here's the fish. My hat says "Fishing is for Reel Men", get it.

The boys love to get out. This was a funny year weather wise.
Here we are at the lodge at the lake. You can see some big catches on the wall.


Hoyt said...

That is some serious fishin' catch there! Before I go fishing, I'm gonna ask you for tips!

fishing guy said...

Just wait until next spring and I'll show you the spring catches. I'll share my techniques with you for sure.
The grand children are getting older and should start to make some good catches.