Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cleveland Indians pick up awards

CC Sabathia earned the AL Cy Young Award. You can see the list of previous winner at this sight.

This is the award was given for the best pitcher in the American League. This is a very prestigious award and puts CC in group of great pitchers. His 19-7 record and his dominance during the complete season was enough for him to get 19 of 28 first place votes. Sabathia had a 3.21 ERA and 209 strikeouts, pitching a major league-high 241 innings. He deserved the award for a great year. It's just too bad he didn't handle Beckett this easily in the playoffs.

Eric Wedge earned the AL Manager of the Year Award. His record at Cleveland was out standing considering the salary of the team compared to other teams. He has done a good job for the Indians since taking over. He also received 19 of 28 first place votes.


Hoyt said...

I understand the selection of C.C. for the Cy Young, but I would have voted for Beckett, especially if you consider the playoffs. If the playoffs don't count, then C.C.'s selection signals that sabermetrics and Bill James and company continue to change the way we think about baseball.

I'm sorry about the Indians, btw. Maybe next year!

fishing guy said...

Thanks Hoyt. They went further then I expected. I was only disappointed that we didn't get to see them against the Rockies after they had Boston down three game.