Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm feeling better.

I really had a tough week. I wasn't doing much posting based on how I felt. I went from a gum infection to a sinus infection in the middle of the week. I have been faithful with the antibiotics and have been taking Advil for the pain. Between the two I'm feeling a lot better.

I need to go back into the Dentist on Monday to see if he can figure anything out. I wonder if the gum and sinus infections are related. If he doesn't know I may end up at my Family Doctor to figure it out.

I'm glad the work week is done. My job as an Engineer is so almost completely mental. I sometimes have to measure parts and that is the only physical part of the job. The rest of the time is spent making designs on the computer. I think having these kind of medical problems makes the mental aspect of the job very hard. I will tell you this much. Having Auto Cad makes the designing and drawing part of my job much easier. When I started my work life you did all your drawings by hand on the drawing board. I had a drafter back then who would take my layout and convert it to part drawings. I now do all the drawings myself. This is an prime example of how the computer age has improved the quality of work. I make great looking drawings on the computer. I was a sloppy designer with a pencil.

WVU vs. Pitt and Missouri vs. Oklahoma

#2 WVU verses Pitt takes place at 7:45 PM tomorrow on ESPN. #1 Missouri verses #9 Oklahoma takes place at 8:00 PM on ABC. #3 Ohio State is idle with a Rose Bowl berth if both teams win and a National Championship game if either team loses. This makes for an interesting night of college football. I blogged about this earlier in the week but the picture is even clearer now.

WVU was especially lucky that this they are playing at home for the 100th backyard brawl. If the game was played at Heinz Field WVU would be in the same quagmire that the Steelers / Dolphins game was played. AS it is the Steelers play the Bengals on Sunday night at Heinz Field. With more rain predicted that should be an interesting game.

I feel this is a game that WVU should win. WVU has had a good record against Pitt for the last few years. Pitt is unranked and WVU has been playing really well.
I'm rooting for a WVU win.

The game between Missouri and Oklahoma is another story. I hope the Oklahoma can show Missouri that twice in the same season is really nice. That number one spot has been a curse all year. I will have to flip the TV back and forth until one of the games gets out of hand.
I'm rooting for a win by Oklahoma.

I really want to see #1 WVU verses #2 Ohio State. With both of them having one loss seasons.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have a gum infection,

My wife and I went out to the Outback Steakhouse for our wedding anniversary on Sunday. I took one bite of bread and I had a nerve jolt go way up into my jaw. I determined that it was the second tooth from the back on the top. I diagnosed that I had a cavity under a old feeling in the tooth. It really started to hurt for the rest of the meal. I was able to eat but only on the opposite side of my mouth. I was in pain the rest of the day. I was taking some Advil but didn't sleep well

I called the Dentist on Monday morning and told them my problem. They took X-rays to determine what was going on in my mouth. The Dentist said that my diagnosis was way off. What, I thought I gave them a good heads up. He told me in the first place there was no filling in the tooth and no cavity in the tooth. Whoops, what was I thinking. It turned out I had a gum infection. He put me on an antibiotic and said it should be fine in a day. It is two days later and I'm still hurting. I hope it's nothing worse then an infection. I have been taking Advil for the pain and it takes a while to work.

I'm looking for improvement. I hope things change by tomorrow. I have to go to the Dentist again next Monday. I have enough Antibiotics for one week. I want to quit hurting.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Steeler's field needed help.

It's really bad when a field comes into play during a game. The field at Heinz Field was awful. No one could do what they wanted to do under those conditions. I heard they laid a new layer of sod over the original sod. I wonder who came up with that brilliant idea. Didn't someone realize that a loose field wouldn't work. It's just lucky they were playing Miami who hasn't done anything this year. It was an awful night with lightning delaying the game start. It rained hard all through the game.

The Steeler's played on the Miami end of the field all night. They even had a great passing performance from Roethlisberger. The problem was it was impossible to kick on the field. It didn't matter whether it was a field goal or punt it just didn't work. No one could run on the field. Joey Porter still gained 81 yards to go over 1,00 yards for the year.

The Steeler's made a field goal with 17 seconds left in the game to win 3-0. The Steeler's now have to play the Bengals. They need to play a good game because the Patriots are on the schedule.

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Special Thanksgiving #2

I had said it would be a special time with the 6 grand kids being together for Thanksgiving in A Special Thanksgiving. It was a great time with all the grand kids from Ohio and one from out of the country.

I was surprised how much my grand daughter had changed since I saw her last. There is a big difference between 14 and 12. She looks a lot like her mother and fits well into the family.

It's sometimes hard to get every ones attention.

Sometimes you have to let kids be kids.

The two girls separated from the boys a lot of the time.

Here is my grand daughter with my son and daughter in position of her mother would be.

WVU moves closer to title game

LSU and Kansas lose their top spots. What a shake-up at the top.

Missouri and WVU move into the #1 and #2 spots with Ohio State at #3 in the BCS rankings.

WVU had a great game against Connecticut scoring 66 points. They have rounded into fighting form at the right time. Missouri beat undefeated Kansas and now has to play Oklahoma next. Missouri only has one loss to Oklahoma 41-31.

If WVU should beat Pittsburgh and Oklahoma can beat Missouri again then it should be WVU verses Ohio State for the National Championship. That is a game I would really like to see.

The Buckeyes are sitting at home with the only chance is for a loss of one of the top two teams. The top spots have been very hard to hold onto and an early loss was better then a late loss like the Buckeyes had.

I will watch the next games and wonder what will happen.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

8 Interesting Random Things About Me

Jedi has tagged me with the “8 interesting/random things about me” meme. I don't normally like these things on regular E-mail but it seems appropriate here. This has been a busy time so it took a couple of days to get to it.

1. I'm a very open person and try to never lie to someone. What you see is what you get. This is not an advantage in the business world. Sometimes, I would rather say nothing then try to skirt around a question. Never ask me what I think about your idea because, I will let you know.

2. The only class I ever failed was Latin. I think I would have done better in a speaking language. This is one of the main reasons I ended up an Engineer. That and the fact that math and the sciences were very easy for me.

3. I could definitely lose some weight. I did pretty good over the Thanksgiving Holiday with my eating. My doctor would like me to weigh less, but I like to eat. I have no constitution to stick to a diet. I drink only diet pop because I don't need the extra calories of regular pop.

4. I plan to retire at the end of 2008 or early 2009. This is a given which I will stick to as planned. If work goes badly I will do it earlier.

5. I'm a very good friend to people. If I like you no one should ever say bad things about you to me. I will defend you to the end.

6. If I feel I've been crossed or played with I will put you on a list of people to avoid. You probably will never be my friend if you are on that list.

7. I believe in a loving God of creation. I don't believe we are an accident on this earth.

8. I never made a sports team in high school. I only weighed 143 pounds when I graduated. I would have to be deathly sick to get back to that weight.

Well, that's me randomly exposed to all of you. I hope they are interesting things but you have to be the judge.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Special Thanksgiving

We are going to have a special Thanksgiving this year. We have three grandchildren who live in out of the USA. We don't get to see them often because of that. It's a lot different when grandchildren live out of the country. They don't have the closeness you get when you live close. We have three grandchildren who live in the same town we live. We see them every week. We have two that live an hour away in Ohio and we don't see them nearly as often. At least you do get to see them several times a year. The three that live far away we may get to see every few years.

As with all things, there are times when you wish the whole family lived closer together. You must understand that things occur that cause separation so you must take advantage of times that are available.

So our grand daughter, 14 years old, my second oldest grandchild is in the states trying to do some catching up on her education. The foreign schools aren't preparing her correctly for college so my daughter sent her to the states to increase her learning. We are taking advantage of her being in the states by flying her from Florida to be with us for Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for:

1. I am thankful that I live in a country that gives you freedom to live as you want.

2. I am thankful for a family and the love that is shared.

3. I am thankful for the ability to have a belief in God.

4. I am thankful for friends to share my life with.

5. I am thankful for work that allows you to have choices in life.

6. I am thankful for a house to live in.

What are you thankful for during this season of thanks?

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Point for Every Decade (con't)

I would like to add a few things to my brothers story "A Point for Every Decade". There are a few facts from the hunt a year earlier that tie in.

On the preceding year Dad was directing us into the woods through some tough cover. We always go into the woods at 5AM so it is dark in the woods except for the flashlight you are using. I felt we were circling to the left and it was tough walking. We ended up coming out on the same trail on which we came in. We went a different way and ended up where we were supposed to be posted. It had been 30 years since I hunted the area so it all was new to me. I was hunting the same spot that Dad shot the special buck the next year.

The spot is wood covered but you do have some open lanes through through the trees in which to shoot. It is a slopping area and we were about half way down toward the bottom. I had seen movement toward the bottom about 100 yards away and knew it was a deer but no idea whether it was a buck or doe. It was in clear view and then it disappeared. It's amazing how a deer can be there one second and then be gone the next. It turned out the deer had bedded down. I kept watching the spot while checking around the woods. I shoot a 32 Winchester Special that is a saddle gun that was used in the Old West. After an hour the deer got up and started moving. I could see a nice rack and lined up for a shot. I shot (the $100 shot) and must of missed it cleanly. The deer started running through the woods and I never got another chance to shoot. Was this the same buck my Dad got the next year? It certainly could have been. There are not a lot of large racked bucks in that area of the mountain woods.

Now to the year that Dad did get a big buck. I had directed our way into the woods and had gone in a circle and we ended up back on the trail. We walked the trail a little ways further down and headed back into the woods. My Dad got tired and decided to post where we were rather than trying to go any further to find his spot. After it got light, he wanted to move to his regular spot. I said that was fine because I was mainly there for him. We moved over toward his spot and he stopped in my spot and said he was staying there. I said alright but it was the wrong spot and that his spot was just over the rise. (He told me later in confidence that he was just tired and didn't want to go any further.) That was a great choice he had made. I went over to his spot and never saw a thing. About an hour later, I heard the report from the 30:06 and knew Dad had shot. The 30:06 makes the largest boom you can have in the woods. I waited a short time and headed over to see how he had done. There he was getting the big deer ready to be taken out of the woods.

What a great hunt that day. One you remember for a lifetime.

Dilbert Joke

Click on cartoon to read.

Sometimes Scott Adams who writes Dilbert hits way to close to home. Being an Engineer you hear this kind of talk in the office quite often. I feel he was an Engineer in a business before he started to write the cartoon.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What's wrong with the Steelers?

How can the Steelers play great one week and then get beat 19-16 in overtime to the Jets. I don't understand the team this year. there is no consistency with there play. The defence should never have let the Jets into the game.

This type of loss leaves me confused. Thomas Jones runs for 117 yards. Roethlisberger gets sacked 7 times. I didn't get to watch the game in Ohio and maybe that's a good thing.

Cleveland let Baltimore come back from a 13 point deficit to be behind by three with time runs out. Cleveland gets in position for a tying field goal. The ball bounces off the side post, hits the back support post and bonces back through the goal post onto the field. The referees call it no good. The call was reversed after the play was reviewed by the head judge. Where were the two referees looking? They should have been able to see what happened. It looked like they were looking down the field instead of watching the ball. Cleveland went on to win with a field goal 30-27 in overtime. The Central division of the NFL is crazy this year.

Johnson Wins Nextel Cup

It certainly was expected for Johnson to win as he finishes 7th and Jeff Gordon finishes 4th at the Homestead Track. Johnson had built up a big lead in the chase with his fours straight wins. It was an emotional win for the Lowe's Chevrolet team. The Hendricks team finishes one, two in the chase. Jeff Gordon put up a valiant fight but had to big a deficit to make up.

Johnson won over 6 million for winning the Nextel Cup. He had a 10 win season for his second cup in a row. He was the better driver in the final races in the chase. Great racing Jimmie.

It was too bad he didn't win his 5th race in a row to set the record. I guess he didn't have the car to do it today.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prostate Cancer

Here is a warning for all the Guys out there. Have your PSA (Prostate Specific Antigens) checked by a doctor after you reach the age of 40. It is a simple blood test and can be done along with your yearly physical. It gives you a warning as to whether or not you have Prostate Cancer. My dad's brother (Uncle Sam) died in his fifties from Prostate Cancer. It was a time when the medical community wasn't quite as savvy as they are today on Prostate Cancer. My father found he had Prostate Cancer in his early seventies and had radiation therapy to stop the spread of the Cancer. He lived over the ten years they had told him he would live.

Eight years ago I had a test for my PSA number during a yearly physical. A reading of less then four on the PSA scale is considered good depending on your age. I had a reading of 12. This did not mean that I had Prostate Cancer but it did mean that further testing would be required. The first thing I did was call my sister, who is a nurse and My Angel to me on medical issues, to talk out all the options. I then used the Internet (Web MD) to get further information. My wife has been a rock through this whole procedure.

I have a self directed medical health insurance so I ended up going to the Cleveland Clinic to do further testing. Through other patient recommendations, I found one of the top Urologist in the country at the clinic, Dr. Craig Zippe. The next thing you have to do is to get a biopsy of the Prostate. I'll be honest with you this is a painful procedure that is done while you are awake. You definitely know each time a sample is taken of the Prostate. That test turned out positive and meant I needed a procedure to eliminate the Cancer. I chose a Radical Prostatectomy which means the Prostate is removed and and the Cancer goes with the Prostate. Dr. Zippe told me he took an extra 2 mm around the Prostate and testing showed there was no cancer outside the Prostate. The Cancer had gone into the 2mm section around the cancer. I'm thankful Dr. Zippe took the extra cut. This was good news and meant that there would be no radiation therapy required to complete the job. If the cancer had gone out of the Prostate it could cause bone cancer. I had a close call during the operation and Dr. Zippe told me I had veins where there shouldn't have been veins. I lost a lot of blood and coming out of the operation was tough and I was definitely in the danger zone. I did make it and other then problems that come from the operation I am fairly healthy.

It has been 7 years since the operation and the further PSA testing has shown that there is no longer any Cancer in my system. Dr. Zippe said he had added on ten years to my normal life span with the operation. He was saying I would live an extra ten years past what I could have with the Cancer because I had the operation.

All of you that are getting close to 40 talk to your doctors about having your PSA checked.

Ohio State 14 Michigan 3

Ohio State wins the Big Ten Title against Michigan and goes to the Rose Bowl. Ohio State has a record of 6 wins verses one defeat against their main rival Michigan. It was a great game for Ohio state and there were a couple of outstanding performances.

Chris "Beanie" Wells had 39 caries for 222 yards. He had more then double the yardage that the Michigan offence had.

The Ohio state Defence holds Michigan to less then 100 Yards of total offence. If they had played this way last week Ohio State would have gone to the BCS Championship Game.

It was a good season for Ohio State going through the Big Ten with only one loss last week to Illinois. Let's see if they can win the Rose Bowl.

Go Buckeyes beat the PAC 10 winner.

Friday, November 16, 2007

When Bowling rocks.

On November 14th my friend Hoyt made a post on things that rock and that made me remember back when.
I had a bowling averaged of 175 in the different leagues I bowled. I was considered good bowler but there were lots of better bowlers in the leagues. I have bowled some good games through the years having a high games in two different leagues in the 1982-83 season. I bowled a 266 in a work lunchtime league. Bob was my partner in the league and we went on to win first place in the league.
I was also bowling an evening mixed doubles league that season with my daughter Jodi and two of her college friends. One night I bowled a high game of 290. You have to bowl a spare on the first ball and string 11 strikes in a row to bowl a 290 game. You win a belt buckle with 290 on the buckle for that achievement. I always thought that would be my highest bowling honor. We won both halves of that league and also won the first place trophy. These achievements rocked.

I want to share with you the time that really rocked. There was a time back in the 1987-88 bowling season when everything went right for one game. There were two bowlers on the team that were better then me. Bob had gotten me in the league and gave me some great advise on bowling through the years. He was there when I bowled the 266 so he knew I could string strikes. Bob had been working on my hand position and starting position on the alleys. He was a great teacher and was willing to share his expertise. I have always been coordinated so just through practice I could repeat actions. I had been working on a no push away swing of the ball and a stiff elbow which got my hand in a great position to throw the ball.
The evening started out with a 173 game and then in the second game I finished with three strikes in a row to bowl a 193. I wasn't happy, we were losing the other team and my finish in the second game was to little to late. I then proceeded to continue the string strikes and bowled 12 strikes in a row for my 300 game. Yes, the total was 666 but I didn't think of it as a bad omen even though it's a bad number. Our team shot 1013 for the game.

Here are the trophies for 290 on left 300 in the middle and 266 on the right.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Letter to Me" Brad Paisley

Brad has done it again with another great video. This song "Letter to Me" talks about writing a letter to himself to give himself life advice.

Brad invited his classmates back to his hometown of Glen Dale, WV to make a video. Brad graduated in 1991 from John Marshall High School. He has not forgotten his WV roots.

He has a great song and a great video to go with it. Brad is on a roll with an ear for a good song and the smarts to make great video to go with it.

I need to buy his latest album. I went to WalMart yesterday and they were out. I guess it is still moving off the shelves. He is really hot in the country music scene. It doesn't hurt that he married an TV actress.

Cleveland Indians pick up awards

CC Sabathia earned the AL Cy Young Award. You can see the list of previous winner at this sight.

This is the award was given for the best pitcher in the American League. This is a very prestigious award and puts CC in group of great pitchers. His 19-7 record and his dominance during the complete season was enough for him to get 19 of 28 first place votes. Sabathia had a 3.21 ERA and 209 strikeouts, pitching a major league-high 241 innings. He deserved the award for a great year. It's just too bad he didn't handle Beckett this easily in the playoffs.

Eric Wedge earned the AL Manager of the Year Award. His record at Cleveland was out standing considering the salary of the team compared to other teams. He has done a good job for the Indians since taking over. He also received 19 of 28 first place votes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deer in the Fog

It was a foggy drive to work this morning. The little warm spell and all the moisture in the air made a fairly soupy fog to drive to work. I was going down a two lane black top and saw something big in my head lights. It turned out that a doe decided to cross the road from a weeded area into a cornfield. It was a big doe and probably eats in the corn field regularly.

It was lucky that I had enough time to brake and let her go on her merry way. Boy am I seeing a lot of deer this year. I can't remember seeing many deer last year so they are either braver or the population is exploding. There are two cities side by side with no hunting allowed.

"A River Runs Through It"

One of my favorite of all times is a fishing movie. I'm sure you are saying that's a big surprise. It has one my favorite lines from a movie. I often think of it when I'm on my boat.

It goes: "Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. I am haunted by waters." - Norman Maclean

I am also haunted by waters, I love to be on the water in my boat. It is the escape from the pressures of work. I don't fish a river but a lake but the waters still flow through the lake over the rocks of time. My lake was cut out of the lands by the great flood out of a fairly flat country. The valley that was formed is 100 foot deep with 80 foot of the valley covered by water.

I hope you are all able to find a place of release from the pressures of this life. A place you can go to and realize that work is only a small part of who you are.

Blake Shelton new CD

Blake Shelton is my favorite country artist. I have gone to his live performances five times and seen him with Rascal Flatts and Montgomery Gentry. In the spring he released a new CD called (Pure BS). The title is a play on his name. I normally think that I love every song on his albums. This is an album you have to get used to. The more you hear it the more you like it.

The last time Blake had new CD was in 2004 (Barn and Grill). His new CD has a theme of pain and suffering. The first single from this collection, “Don’t Make Me,” is about one trying to desperately hang on to love in what sounds like a relationship that’s anything but solid. Blake just went through a divorce and it shows in his songs. The rest of the songs have a love gone bad relationships with songs like, "I Don't Care", “She Don’t Love Me,” “Back There Again,” “What I Wouldn’t Give,” and “I Have Been Lonely.” Blake delivers each of these tunes with a different feel so it’s not as if you’re hearing the same song over and over. More pain and regret comes from the song, “It Ain’t Easy Being Me,” in which a man looks at himself and doesn’t like what he sees.

Blake does offer a couple lighter tunes with tracks like “This Can’t Be Good” and the current hit release “The More I Drink.”

This is an album which is well put together with enough variety of tempo and mood to keep any listener entertained through all 11 tracks. In short, Pure BS is a great album.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Veterans Day

This is a day late but I wanted to post it anyways. Veterans are an important of our history. I am thankful for what the veterans have done for this country. I think one thing that is real important to separate what is current history in war from previous wars. If you look at World War II the soldiers came back as heroes because they had stopped the tyranny in Europe and retailiate for the attack by Japan. The wars after that seem to be more controversial.

The VietNam War is a perfect example of problems caused from wars. There were problems convincing the people that it was a honorable war. The problems that occurred at Kent State, with the shootings because of the protest, are a perfect example of a war that was not honored.

I still feel we should be thankful for the veterans no matter what the war outcome. The soldiers should be honored for serving in a place they were ordered to go.

A big thank you, for anyone who has served in the military.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Jimmie Johnson Raps Up Chase

Jimmie Johnson wins at Phoenix for 4 wins in a row. What a way to rap up the Chase to the Championship. It looks as though Johnson will come in first and Jeff Gordon will be second. The Hendricks team has 3 of the top 4 cars in the Chase. If Jimmie Johnson wins next week he will set a NASCAR record with 5 wins in a row. It's time to congratulate him on some great racing. He was racing for a win and wasn't concerned about wrecking or playing it safe.

The only way he can lose first place is to wreck or finish really low in the standings. This has really taken the challenge out of the Chase with Homestead Florida being the last race.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


This was a story written by my brother John Sr. from a hunting trip when my Dad turned 80, The Original Fishing Guy. This was dad's last hunting season. I went hunting so I could be near Dad during his last few hunts.

The morning started out cool and crisp. It has been a couple of years since we have had the pleasure of snow for the first day of buck season. The family was together for the 2002 opening day for Pennsylvania whitetail deer. My son's John Jr., Jeff and my son-in-law John went up the day before to do some pre-opener scouting and to enjoy the night under the stars. My Grandson Joshua and my brother, Fishing Guy, stayed overnight at my place. Fishing Guy just started hunting again last year after not going for more than twenty-five years. Dad was at his house getting to bed early for the two-thirty a.m. wake up call.
We were up bright and early and hustling around the house to get every thing loaded in the car so we could pick up Dad by three-thirty. All loaded we headed for Dad's house and the two-hour drive to Marienville, Pennsylvania. My wife Gwen wanted to know why we would drive two hours when there are deer close to home? I told her it's been a tradition since I was twelve years old that we hunt Buzzard Swamp. I'm now 56 and have been hunting the swap for forty-four years. I shot my first buck there before it was dammed up and made into a wild life management area. My brother, both my son's and my daughter Brenda shot their first bucks there also. I was hoping that Joshua would get a crack at his first buck. He's fourteen and this would be his third year of hunting.
The road to the buzzard was slick, but with the Dodge in four-wheel drive there wasn't any problems getting back to the parking lot. There was three inches of snow on the ground witch lifted our spirits in thought of seeing a lot of deer. We piled out of the car and started getting our gear together. My son's and son in-law were just getting up and getting ready to head out for their planned hunting areas. We talked to them about their scouting the day before and they said they saw a six and four point buck. The new law required any one with a senior license to shoot a deer with no fewer than three points on one side. Since we've shot a lot of spikes through the year's and we weren't sure how many chance's we might get to shoot one with three points on one side.
We started down the trail around the lake, taking our time since dad is now eighty-one years of age and had knee replacement surgery over a year ago. He and Fishing Guy took the split to the right and they were going to hunt in the same area where dad took a doe last year and Fishing Guy missed a nice buck. The only problem was after they started into the woods Fishing Guy guided dad in a circle and they ended back on the same trail. After a little bit of discussion they started back into the woods again. This time they walked a pretty straight line and ended up where they had posted the previous year. Josh and I headed for the bottom that would take us about an hour to get there. Jeff went in further and John Jr. posted on top. My son in-law set up in the propagation area, it is legal when posted so.
Things started out slow for Josh and I, we didn't see any deer but we had a couple running just over the hill from us. I received a radio call from (FG) around nine thirty saying that Dad shot a nice buck. I told him Josh and I would be over in about an hour. I wanted to give our spot a little more time. I talked to John Jr. and he said he was seeing deer all morning and waiting for Josh to shoot. Most of us had purchased doe tags for Forest County. I told him you are not able shoot what you don't see. He said he would take Josh with him for a while and I went to talk with Dad.
I walked over to the area where I expected Dad and Fishing Guy to be and I found them close to where they had hunted last year. Dad had a very nice eight-point buck lying beside him. He told me was sitting on his stool when he heard some shots ring out from below. This brought him to full alert. He can't hear deer running anymore so he has to count on his eyesight to pick out the deer. Dad has always been an excellent shot. He has had his Remington 30-06 since before I started hunting. They say a pump action gun is not as accurate as other guns but this one is something special. Dad hits what he aims at, running or standing. I've seen him shoot deer at ranges greater than three hundred yards.
The buck came up out of the bottom at full run. The deer was at a lower elevation coming right at Dad. He said he placed the cross hairs on the neck and fired. The buck folded in its tracks. Its rack had seven-inch tines and a fourteen and one half inch inside spread. It dressed out at around one hundred and sixty pounds. That's a really big deer for an area where you usually shoot a lot of spikes and four points.
Dad has been hunting since he was sixteen years of age. He has hunted all over the western tier of Pennsylvania and this was the biggest deer he has ever shot. It's kind of poetic that a man hunted eight decade of life would get a chance to take an eight point buck and give his family such great memories. We hope to have a few more years out in these great woods together. When the time comes that he can no longer hunt anymore he will have left many lasting memories for my-self, my brother, his grandsons and great grandson. We have had so many great times together they are to numerous to count. We continue to reminisce over past hunting trips and this will be one of the best. Joshua harvested his first deer this year, a four point. How great it is that the oldest member and the youngest member of our hunting group got their bucks.
Written with love and adoration by John Sr.

P.S. Fishing Guy missed a buck for the second year in a row; He calls it his 100-dollar shot since that's what an out of state license costs him since he lives in Ohio.

Cole Deggs and the Lonesome

I have enjoyed the new CD by Cole Deggs and the Lonesome. I like to choose new groups of whom I enjoy their first song. Boy was I surprised by the album. I liked almost every song they did. I had purchased the album because of the song "I Got More". I thought it was a great first release song. There are two other songs I really like is "Twelve Ounces Deep" and "The Girl Next Door" . You can hear all these songs on the My Space web sight above. I would recommend the album.

Look for these boys to go pretty far in country music. They are travelling with Jason Michael Carrol and Bucky Covington. That should be a great show.

Pittsburgh 31 Cleveland 28

I guess my "slim and none" didn't really come true.

It was a tough game for the Steelers. The Steelers had to come surging back to win the game after falling behind by 15 points. There were two returns by Cleveland's Josh Cribs that gave the Browns 14 points. Josh Cribbs is a former quarterback at Kent State. He did a lot of scrambling as a quarterback and it looks like that practice has helped him at Cleveland. The Cleveland quarterback was held stagnant in the second half which gave Roethlisberger a chance to get his team back in the game.

I was worried as the game went on especially since Ohio State lost yesterday. I didn't want another mess today. I get to wear my Pittsburgh Jersey tomorrow to work.

Go Steelers!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My second Fish Ohio 1992

I had related the trip for My First Fish Ohio in 1991 on an earlier blog.

It was June 14TH 1992 and I was fishing the west shore of Lake Hodgson. I had found a nice break in a weed bed and was working it with minnows. I anchored outside the weed bed and cast toward the edge of the weed bed. I can see breaks and pockets in the weeds that shore fisherman can't see.

I was making some nice catches of crappie and hooked into a nice fish that was really bending my Ugly Stick rod. Sometimes when your fishing for the crappie you end up catching walleye, bass or trout. All those fish eat minnows so you can catch any of them while fishing minnows. The three fish types tend to fight differently then crappie so I thought I had a big crappie on the line. Walleye tend to fight down deep, Bass tend to come up and jump and trout tend to make big runs and take line. Crappie tend to fight downward like walleye but not as strong. Since I felt I had a big crappie on the line, and was fishing alone, I picked up my net and set it on the edge of the boat near the water. I then fought the fish to the boat. I was able to net the fish after it tired enough to lead it to the boat. I had quite a few nice crappie that day so I really could tell this was a big crappie. I took a rough measurement and knew it was over 13". It turned out it was a 14 1/4" crappie so I had my second Fish Ohio. Here is a picture of the fish and the award.

Here is my attempt at fish art. I'm not that good but when I do it I enjoy the drawing. Being an Engineer, whose drawings are 2-D, my art tends to be influenced that way. This drawing was done in 1992.

Ohio State loses to Illinois

Update: Ohio State falls to number 7 in this weeks BCS rankings behind number 5 West Virginia.

I can't believe it. Michigan loses badly to Wisconsin and Ohio State loses on the same day. The Big Ten is a tough place to play. Ohio State loses 28-21 to an unranked Illinois team. This stinks!!!

It's not bad enough that Ohio State lost, they lost at home. Ohio State has to go to Michigan next week to determine the winner of the Big Ten. The number one ranking just went swirling clockwise down the drain. Ohio State became number one because of all the loses of the number one and two teams over the last several weeks.

I guess they will have to see where this lose leaves them in the rankings. I hope they are still in the top ten. They head for Ann Arbor and they should beat Michigan.

I still have a long weekend of sports to go. I hope this isn't an omen of things to come.

Keith Urban / Gary Allan

Gary Allan opened on the Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy World Tour 2007. Gary had a cool stage with his skeleton horse logo on the stage. He is a California boy a hot spot of country music. He did his famous song "Life Ain't Always Beautiful".

He also performed "Best I Ever Had". He was excited about the response. He also did his new song "Watching Airplanes".
Keith Urban came on and everything was upgraded. The screen was bigger in it's projection. The whole stage area was a light show. He was able to show his excellence on the guitar. He performed "Better Life".
He even had split screen for him to sing "I Told You So".

I really enjoyed the projection when they went to a changing colored the screen.

The group performed one acoustical out on the runway.

They had a lot of closeups on the big screen. The women outnumbered the men 4 to 1 at the show. The women think he is really hot. He is married to Nichole Kidman. He sang "You're My Better Half".
He sang "You'll Think of Me" out on the runway. The group went out to the end of the runway for a set. This put them in the center of the arena and Keith invited the audience on the lower level to come around the stage.
The song that the people really responded to while out there was "Somebody Like You"

All in all it was an exciting sound and light experience at The "Q".

Friday, November 9, 2007

Deer during the rut

The deer are still running around in Ohio. they are very active because of the rut. The Texas sight attached to the rut has some great deer pictures. The rut is something that happens at different times in different times throughout the states. The bucks are chasing the doe to try to find them at the right time for breeding.

As I was driving in the morning a deer ran directly in front of the car. I was just exiting the city. It was light enough that I could see the deer in a large lawn next to the road. The deer was a six point buck and was a young deer maybe in it's second year. The deer get feed well because of the farmers cornfield. When I went back after lunch there was a deer crossing sign next to the road about 50 feet from where I saw the deer.

This morning I was half way to work and saw a deer walking across a driving range for a golf course. It was a big deer but it was too dark to tell whether the deer was a buck or a doe. It was just out in the driving range and I didn't see any other deer in the area.
I have seen a lot of deer in the city in the last few weeks.

I was coming back from lunch and saw another first. A small weasel about 20" long crossed the road directly in front of my car. Was this is some sort of a sign. Did you send a sign to me mr. chinchilla? The weasel didn't have a baseball cap so I didn't know if it was related.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

CMA 2007

What a great show the CMA was at the Nashville last night. There were some very special moments that I would like to talk about.

The Eagles were great last night. I posted about their first CD release last week. They are still great singers with a unique sound.

Brad Paisley won Male Entertainer of the Year and Best Video. The live performance he did with a marching band and Taylor Swift and Kelly Pickler was really great.

Kelly Pickler did a wonderful rendition of her song about her estranged mother. She almost didn't make it through the song because of the emotion.

Carrie Underwood looked and sounded great, she won Female Entertainer of the Year.

Dwight Yokum did a tribute to Porter Wagnor who died this past week.

Rascal Flatts won Vocal Group of the Year and performed a great song with Jamie Foxx during the show.

Martina McBride and Brooks & Dunn both did new songs which will go pretty far up the charts.

Taylor Swift's Horizon Award Winner for new talent had a line that this award was as special to her graduation was priceless.

What a great show and a fun time.

Big game on Sunday

The Steelers really showed the Ravens' what they didn't want to know. Roethlisberger had a great game. Guess who is next. Here are two teams within 100 miles from each other and fans from both sides in between them.

The Cleveland Browns go to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. This is a big game in the area because the Browns won three games in a row. This is a first for quite a long time.

What are Cleveland chances, I'd have to say "Slim and None". I sit with my Steelers cup in a Cleveland dominated office. I will wear my Steelers shirt on Monday after the win. It's funny when Cleveland begs for something to cheer for. The Indians have done well this year and the Cavaliers are also really good.

CMA results

Well, I made some good picks but there were a few surprises. Who would believe Sugarland would beat Brooks & Dunn?

Kenny Chesney - I think Chesney will win. I saw him in Cleveland this summer. (Winner)

Carrie Underwood - This may be a no-brainer. (Winner)

Brad Paisley The (Winner), I have no problem with this one.

Keith Urban - I'm going to see him on Friday with Gary Allen so he's my pick.

Taylor Swift - This is a tough one but I'm a fan and have her albums. (Winner)

Rascal Flatts - Another no-brainer. (Winner)

Brooks & Dunn - A regular winner and still doing great, I'm picking them. They were in Cleveland on the Kenny Chesney tour.

Sugarland - They were in Cleveland on the Kenny Chesney tour. (Winner) This was a real surprise. I don't think Jennifer Nettles even believed it.

SINGLE OF THE YEAR(Award goes to Artist and Producer)
"Before He Cheats"Carrie UnderwoodProduced by Mark Bright19 Recordings Limited/Arista Records (Winner)

"Lost In This Moment"Big & RichProduced by Big Kenny and John RichWarner Bros. - I'm taking an outside chance on this one. This is the best Big and Rich song.

My personal favorite is Clay Walker's "Fall" but it's not nominated.

Video of the year "On Line" Brad Paisley (Winner)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

CMA Awards Show Tonight

I'm going to pick the winners tonight, let's see how I do.

Kenny Chesney - I think Chesney will win. I saw him in Cleveland this summer.
Brad Paisley
Rascal Flatts
George Strait
Keith Urban - He's in Cleveland on Friday.

Alison Krauss
Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
Reba McEntire
Carrie Underwood - This may be a no-brainer.

Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
George Strait
Josh Turner
Keith Urban - I'm going to see him on Friday with Gary Allen so he's my pick.

Jason Aldean
Rodney Atkins
Little Big Town
Kellie Pickler
Taylor Swift - This is a tough one but I'm a fan and have her albums.

Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas
Dixie Chicks
Emerson Drive
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts - Another no-brainer.

Big & Rich
Brooks & Dunn - A regular winner and still doing great, I'm picking them. They were in Cleveland on the Kenny Chesney tour.
Montgomery Gentry
Sugarland - They were in Cleveland on the Kenny Chesney tour.
The Wreckers

SINGLE OF THE YEAR(Award goes to Artist and Producer)

"Anyway"Martina McBrideProduced by Martina McBrideRCA Records

"Before He Cheats"Carrie UnderwoodProduced by Mark Bright19 Recordings Limited/Arista Records

"Lost In This Moment"Big & RichProduced by Big Kenny and John RichWarner Bros. - I'm taking an outside chance on this one. this is the best Big and Rich song.

My personal favorite is Clay Walker's "Fall" but it's not nominated.

Video of the year "On Line" Brad Paisley

My Latest Fish Ohio 2007

I posted about "My First Fish Ohio" so I think it would only be appropriate to post about my last. on July 7th of this year the boys and I went to Lake Hodgson for some float fishing in the boat. It was hot as July often is but with a breeze it was comfortable. We were floating from a weed bed down a underwater sand bar. We didn't catch a lot that day but I got a descent crappie on a minnow and I hooked into a 9.5" Bluegill. If you catch a Bluegill over 9" it is a Fish Ohio. The boys helped reel in the fish.

Here's the fish. My hat says "Fishing is for Reel Men", get it.

The boys love to get out. This was a funny year weather wise.
Here we are at the lodge at the lake. You can see some big catches on the wall.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Deer and Snow

The last two days have been strange drives to work at lunch.

Yesterday as I was driving back from lunch I saw an unusual sight. I was about two miles from work on a busy road. A six point buck was in the front yard of an apartment complex, along a fairly busy road, waiting to cross the road. The traffic was rather slow on the road at that time. The buck did wait until I passed then went into a small wooden gully. I'm fairly sure he was chasing does and was following a trail that lead him into a busy populated area.

I continued onto work and was about a mile from work on another busy road with a car in front of me and two cars coming toward me. A doe ran across the road between the two cars coming toward me and directly in front of the car in front of me. The doe made a really chancy crossing but it did make it. What are all these deer running in the area on busy streets at 1 PM? Why it's the rut on full bore.

Today the strange thing is after a real mild Fall we are having snow flurries as I went and came back from lunch. It was only two weeks ago that I was going out and power washing my deck. I'm glad that job is complete with this cold weather.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Ohio State still Number One

Ohio State comes from behind on Saturday and wipes out Wisconsin with their running game. The BCS ratings come out with Ohio State Number One and LSU Number Two. I don't understand LSU at Number Two since they barely won their game. Kansas who is undefeated is being punished for a weak schedule. They scored 76 points against Nebraska. What's up Nebraska?

Number Two has been a bad position with several teams getting knocked off the pedestal once they earned the position. Boston College is the latest Number Two team to lose when Florida State visited. I think Oregon or Kansas could have been Number Two. West Virginia remains in the top 10.

Jimmie Johnson takes NASCAR lead

Jimmie Johnson's NASCAR team takes the lead at Texas Speedway. Jeff Gordon lead has evaporated in the chase. After leading the chase for the first six weeks Gordon loses the lead. After winning three races in a row Jimmie Johnson goes up by 30 points. Jeff Gordon finishes seventh after leading the race for several laps early in the race. If the Lowe's Motor Sports team keeps on this roll they will walk away with the cup. There are only three races left with only about 5 of the 12 racers able to win. I think it's a two car chase and Gordon has to start betting Johnson.
Both the Hendricks cars are running great. Dale Jr, must be really excited to be coming to the Hendricks team next year. He will lose his number 8 car and will go to 88 with the new team. He will be missed on the DEI team.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Original Fishing Guy

Dad was the one who shared his love of fishing with me. He was a great fisherman. He passed away in December two years ago at the age of 84. He fished almost the whole summer his last year as he was fighting cancer. The doctors never did figure out how to treat the cancer and chemotherapy didn't do much. I think Hospice did a great job for him and they were there until the end.

I had a hard time finding a present he liked. He had all he wanted and in his later years. He enjoyed this Walleye shirt I had picked up on a trip to Wisconsin. He would not wear it fishing because it was too good. I wish he would have been able to have enjoyed it more. He would wear it to the auction that he and my mother went to but never fishing. Mom was never good with the camera so his head is cropped. He had the jet black hair until the last year.

He made a lot of great catches. Here is from a day in the summer about 8 years ago when he caught a big 36" Northern Pike and a 20" Large Mouth Bass. He would make these great catches several times a year.

He caught a 17" crappie one year and never even took a picture. I would fill my camera with pictures of a crappie that big. My biggest was a 16" Crappie.

See the post when I wrote about The Original Fishing Guy.

It's November already!!!

I thought as you got older the time would go slower. I can remember my grandfather and he always seemed relaxed. Maybe it will happen when I retire in another year or so. The time is just passing so quickly. I have to work on the yard and the garden today. Later today and tomorrow I have to clean up the garden beds and the garage.
I also have my daughters grass to do. The frosty nights we have been having should cut down on the grass deciding it should keep growing. I also have the leaves from the trees to work on. Why am I sitting here posting when I should be doing all that work? Does the word procrastinating come to mind. Well I better get going now, or should I check the other posts I read!

The Eagles come flying back

Yes, The Eagles have returned with a new album "Long Road Out of Eden". It is a Wal-Mart exclusive and a two disc set for $11.88. It comes in a brown cardboard case with the two disc and the lyrics in a booklet. I purchased it and was thrilled with the sound of disc one. I enjoyed all but one song on that disc. The first song on the disc starts out acapella and shows that Don Henley and The Eagles can still sing, and sing well. I thought the first disc was a contemporary new country sound but was in the line with one of my favorite country song by The Eagles "Desperado".
You wonder how this sound could be gone country for 28 years since a new studio release was completed. The second disc starts with a "Long Road Out of Eden" which is 10 minutes long. I didn't enjoy the second disc as much because that side is more into a rock sound rather then country. I'm sure the rock enthusiast will love that disc.
The country world will embrace The Eagles just as they have embraced the Garth Brooks in his comeback song.